About us

Raul Gil and his team are professionals with an extensive career in the exercise of legal advice.

From LEXGIL, we aim to grow together with our customers through the knowledge of their needs by providing them a close and an immediate communication.

This commitment is the path to achieve a better service. We anticipate to the needs of our clients and that way we are able to offer them effective solutions. In addition, this proximity gives us the opportunity to contribute actively to the development of our clients’ business.

Since the founding in 1999 of the company “Business Legal Advisors “, Raul Gil has performed legal and business consulting in taxation and commercial matters. In 2008 the company was integrated into a larger office “Law Firm Ejaso” where as a partner in the tax-commercial department, he continued his professional development. From 2014 until today, Raul Gil directs the office LEXGIL, offering personalized and reliable service to recognized professional.


Raul Gil

Partner-company director. Lawyer. Madrid lawyers Association (ICAM) Nº 65745.

David Barrillo Alejo
Contabilidad y Fiscal.

Diploma in Business Studies at UC3M.

Maider Perez de Heredia
Desarrollo de Proyectos. Inversiones extranjeras e Internet.

Graduated in Political Science and Sociology at UC3M.